Unleashing Wind Energy's Potential with Bankable LiDAR Campaigns

Why choose LiDAR technology?

  • Bankable yield estimation requires precise wind resource mapping, measure up to the tip height of your wind turbine without any additional costs. 

  • Diversify your measurement campaign strategy and reduce overall uncertainty of the power production estimates.  

  • Accurate wind turbine performance analysis is impeded by unreliable nacelle-based wind sensors, necessitating a more dependable reference data source. 


Your project specific pains?

  • How do you manage measurement mast permitting risks? 

  • Can you easily make sure if your assets are underperforming or is there just not enough wind?
  • Flexibility, which projects had increased uncertainty’s due suboptimal location selection from the land requirements of your measurement mast?


Why 3E? 

  • 10+ years of experience in pioneering LiDAR technology for the wind industry. 
  • We offer, beyond LiDAR, a unique full-service package. 
  • We manage a significantly large fleet to allow for fast repair and replacement of a malfunctioning LiDAR, in doing so reducing the risk of your delays.  
  • Our offerings extend far beyond LiDAR rentals, encompassing comprehensive site selection, resource assessment, performance analysis and reliable data services. 

  • We possess global expertise in complex terrain LiDAR installation, commissioning & reporting, with a track record of campaigns in the most unreachable corners of the world.  


LiDAR Campaign

LiDAR & Met Mast

Enhance your business case by optimising uncertainties in future bankable energy yield assessments. We are here to assist with the strategy of your measurement campaign. 

  • Understanding how turbulence intensity requirements from turbine manufacturers and undeveloped markets influence your measurement campaign.
  • How to achieve bankable resource assessment results in complex terrain? The value of combining LiDAR technology with met masts.
  • A significant pre financial close cost driver. The impact of combining measurement sources to reduce the monetary burden of project development.
  • Reduce vertical and horizontal extrapolation uncertainties and ensure redundant, correlated measurements as a safety net for sensor failures.  
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"3E’s Turbine Underperformance
Analysis, using LiDAR technology,
provided us with an in-depth analysis
of the performance of one of our wind farms. It enabled us to increase production and to optimise revenue forecasting. Impressive innovation from 3E!"

Annemarie Devis

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Trusted by the industry's leading companies.

Since 2006, 3E has engaged in wind measurement campaigns employing advanced LiDAR technology. Our collaborations encompass a wide spectrum of project developers and owners, culminating in the curation of a contented client portfolio spanning Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and Africa.

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Solar & wind resource measurement campaign for the Pacific Power Association

3E and GEOSun were commissioned by the Pacific Power Association to conduct ground-based meteorological measurements for the Pacific Islands region. We installed 5 Leosphere Windcube’s and 8 solar meteorological stations across 10 different countries in the Pacific island’s region, and performed feasibility studies to assess the wind energy potential of the selected sites. The solar and wind measurement campaigns had two primary objectives [...] 

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In-depth performance analysis of Storm's wind farms

The company Storm optimised the energy production of one of their operational wind farms thanks to 3E’s Turbine Underperformance Analysis. Through this analysis the 3E team was able to quantify the impact on their revenue streams, from power curve verification to yaw misalignment.

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